Welcome and speeker instructions


Welcome to the 55th Nordic Work Environment Meeting (Nordiska arbetsmiljömötet), NAM

17 October – 19 October 2011, Lund, Sweden.


The conference, focus on the importance of the impact of technological, social and climate change which are central processes to, for example, occupational hygiene, occupational medicine and psychosocial questions. The theme is to be interpreted in a broad sense, thus we welcome abstracts, posters and suggestions of sessions and workshops from different fields such as medicine, technology, ergonomics, occupational health, behavioral science or humanities. The NAM meeting has established an important role in disseminating information, in promoting training and general discussions and in providing networking opportunities for Nordic scientists and experts. The similarities of the Nordic countries offer possibilities for new and interesting research settings, enabling joint promotion of important issues with a greater potential impact than each country alone.

The conference will be held at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC) at Lund University – For more detailed information about the location see: http://www.design.lth.se/english/the_department/directions/


Instructions for speakers:

Your Power point and speech should be prepared in English. Please send the Power Point to the session leader if possible. But do not forget to bring the powerpoint on a USB stick as well!

Make sure that you are in the session room no later than 15 minutes before the session start to make sure that your presentation is loaded into the session computer.

The format of your presentation should be in ppt, pptx or pdf.

If you have any questions please contact your session leader/s.


The Organising Committee (see contacts) together with Metalund  (which includs Work and Environmental Medicine, Ergonomy and Aerosol Technology (EAT)) and the Center for Work Environment and Leadership (WEAL) at Lund University, Centre for Work Life Studies at Malmoe University (CTA) as well as the Department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology at SLU Alnarp wish you welcome to Lund.